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Relapse prevention in Corpus Christi helps people who have recovered from substance addiction remain drug-free. To relapse means to return to using drugs or alcohol. Drug relapse prevention is integral to a lasting sobriety.

After undergoing drug rehab in Corpus Christi, you will return to society and all of the challenges and triggers that may tempt you to use substances again. Your relationships with friends who were part of your addiction lifestyle would likely be too much of a temptation to relapse. Addressing ways to cope with avoiding these particular friendships will be discussed during programs of relapse prevention in Corpus Christi. Other triggers, such as parties where alcohol or drugs are rampant, can be hard to deal with unless there is a plan in place for you to fall back on.

Relapse Prevention Strategies

Different tools for dealing with drug relapse prevention will work to help you stay on track when you are tempted to return to using substances.

An addiction counselor for relapse prevention in Corpus Christi uses cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to help you find ways to cope with situations where the desire to use drugs or drink alcohol may become overwhelming. With the use of motivational incentives, behavioral conditioning, and an increased sense of self-esteem, relapse prevention programs can give you the strength to ignore these urges and temptations often found in high-risk situations.

Finding yourself in your old haunts where you once indulged in substances would be one high-risk atmosphere you will be advised to avoid. With the help of an aftercare program, you will be conditioned in a positive way to seek out other avenues of excitement that are drug-free.

An important relapse tool is to know and be able to identify the triggers and cravings that encourage you to relapse. Those triggers or signs may be associating once again with people who share your addiction but have not become sober. Other triggers may be stressful situations or places that give you the inclination to de-stress with substance use. One relapse prevention strategy that is important in drug relapse prevention treatment is stress management. This might include practicing yoga or tai chi, continuing counseling sessions, or finding a relaxing activity to enjoy.

Another very effective tool for relapse prevention in Corpus Christi is to join a 12-step group. By joining a group such as Alcoholics Anonymous or other self-help groups, you will receive support in relapse prevention. These 12-step groups are very effective in achieving the goals of keeping fellow members substance-free.

Programs For Relapse Prevention in Corpus Christi

The main goal of drug and alcohol relapse prevention programs is to prevent a return to alcohol and/or drug use. Encouragement to remain sober, avoid risky situations, and stop self-defeating thought and behavioral patterns are all part of the aims of relapse prevention.

Before you enter addiction treatment in Corpus Christi, it's important to ask whether there is a relapse prevention plan and aftercare services offered. Aftercare services for relapse prevention in Corpus Christi might include medications used for continuing sobriety after recovery. These drugs help stave off cravings that may continue to plague you after treatment. They regulate brain imbalances caused by addiction to some substances. For instance, methadone is a drug that helps reduce cravings for opiates like heroin.

Continued outpatient counseling is an important aftercare service that helps keep your mind strong and focused on recovery. Positive thoughts are encouraged through counseling sessions that use cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to remain sober. Staying on track with your career goals or gaining employment will help greatly with recovery and relapse prevention. Some aftercare services help you meet your educational or career goals and instill a sense of pride that may have been lost during your periods of addiction.

Some aftercare services help prevent a return to substance use by way of counseling sessions that emphasize stress reduction. Stress often leads to relapse. Undergoing stress alone may cause you to return to drug use, so it makes sense to take advantage of stress reduction counseling if it is available.

Even after recovery, it's important to understand that relapse prevention is a process, and not everyone can be completely successful at avoiding a return to drug or alcohol use. By incorporating relapse prevention techniques and joining a 12-step group, however, you can work hard and finally achieve a lasting sobriety. Call Corpus Christi Alcohol Rehab Centers  at (877) 804-1531.

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