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If you or a loved one has become dependent upon drugs or alcohol, it's important to seek out rehab treatment programs for addiction. There are different types of facilities that offer addiction treatment in Corpus Christi, just as there are a variety of therapies offered within rehab programs. These treatments occur after the process of drug detox in Corpus Christi.

Drug or alcohol addiction is a complicated disorder that can affect many facets of your life and the ways in which you function. Your family, work, school, and social or community life can all be negatively affected due to substance addiction. Drug and alcohol rehab treatment programs incorporate psychological, social, and behavioral therapies for patients because of the multi-faceted disturbances that stem from addiction.

A physical and mental dependence on substances affects your body and your brain, making it clear that therapies for addiction treatment should involve a variety of behavioral and cognitive approaches.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Also known as CBT, cognitive-behavioral therapy for addiction treatment in Corpus Christi examines how a person's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are interconnected and have an impact upon substance use. Talking with a therapist about your thoughts and feelings can increase your awareness of your behaviors as they relate to drug usage.

Drug and alcohol rehab treatment programs effectively utilize CBT to help patients view themselves and the world around them in a more positive light. Negative thinking can cause cognitive distortions that allow you to view the world in black-and-white or absolute situations, such as thoughts that you are in a never-ending pattern of addiction. Moving forward to more positive thinking will improve feelings and behaviors and help lessen stress, especially helpful in terms of avoiding relapse once you have completed rehab treatment programs for addiction.

Motivational Interviewing

A successful therapy used for addiction treatment in Corpus Christi is motivational interviewing, which is a technique used to help patients become more motivated towards making positive decisions for their lives and becoming able to create a plan to meet their life's goals. A lack of motivation to succeed in addiction treatment can hold someone back from achieving sobriety.

During this therapeutic model, a therapist helps you find the motivation you need to initiate the changes in your life necessary to beat addiction. You'll be supported to find and make your own choices without pressure or judgment, leading you to believe that you can change for the better. Open-ended questions, affirmations, reflections, and summaries during each session will help you implement the changes needed to accomplish a lasting sobriety.

Motivational Incentive

This style of addiction treatment differs from motivational interviewing. Although this therapy does help you become motivated to recover from addiction, it also helps you change specific behaviors rather than simply putting you on the right cognitive path. Motivational incentive packages help patients refrain from drug or alcohol use and remain in treatment while they are engaged in rehab treatment programs. Tangible rewards are given to patients to reinforce positive behaviors, such as abstinence.

These incentives can be in the form of vouchers for snack items, movie passes, or other desirable services that are in keeping with a sober lifestyle. Sometimes the incentives can consist of cash prizes or chances to win such prizes after submitting a drug-free urine or breath sample. Motivational incentives work effectively to help you remain in treatment and abstain from substance use.

Group Therapy For Addiction Treatment in Corpus Christi

This form of counseling involves regular sessions with a group of peers who are undergoing treatment for addiction, led by an addiction counselor or therapist. The group members share personal experiences and provide support for one another. This is a very effective therapy for helping overcome addiction, as it increases motivation, helps alleviate anxiety, increases education about addiction, and provides much-needed support.

How Do I Know Which Therapy Is Right For Me?

Group therapy is the most common and powerful treatment for addiction, as groups provide peer support and reduce feelings of isolation. Statistics have shown that males have more success with group therapy than females do, though nearly 100% of patients in group therapy tend to complete their treatment in addiction programs.

CBT teaches patients to recognize triggers that create drug or alcohol cravings, while motivational techniques encourage patients to remain sober. This therapy is useful in our program for relapse prevention in Corpus Christi.

The correct therapy for you will depend upon the duration of your addiction, its severity, and your future goals. Most inpatient treatment programs will tailor your treatment to fit your specific needs at each point of your recovery. Your progress can help determine which therapy is a good fit for your needs. Call Corpus Christi Alcohol Rehab Centers for addiction treatment questions at (877) 804-1531.

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